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Oaklands Woodcarving Club originally started like most as an adult education course but rising fees and the constraints of ‘red tape’ forced our founder members to form their own club. Today we have 40 members ranging in age, with each one having their own carving interest and level of skill. We meet every Monday 5pm-9pm some members starting at 5pm and some at 7pm for 2 hourly session (September to May) at Oasis Academy School, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 0XN. We welcome new members from age 16 years upwards.

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If your a keen but struggling wood carver, please come and have a look around. If you Join our club you'll get tuition, help from fellow carvers, motivation, inspiration, time out from the chores at home and have lots of fun !

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Oaklands Wood Carving Club

on Wednesday, February 1st 2017

On 22nd May 2010 we celebrated out 20th Birthday with an afternoon party in a local Church Hall. In excess of 100 attended including current members, founder members, past guest speakers and representatives of other ‘wood’ clubs. A superb buffet was provided with wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Music was supplied from two local […]

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Head Teacher

I have been running the club for the past 10 years. When giving guidance to a beginner we try not to bog them down with the technical guff, keep it simple, safety procedures are the first priority and the second priority is to enjoy it.

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Deputy Teacher
As a self taught woodcarver, and at the age of 60 years , I started carving heads of owls, otters , dogs etc and mounting them on sticks that I have gathered in the forest, to make walking sticks.

When I started to take wood carving seriously, I became a member of The Waterside Carving Club, of which I am still a member.

I joined Oaklands Woodcarvers working with Alan Ode, who specialised in carving/whittling birds.

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Junior Teacher

After spending all my life in engineering I took up wood carving 17 years ago by attending evening classes at Thornden School Chandlers Ford. I then joined Oakland’s woodcarving Club in Southampton 1 year later and am still an active member and now helping with the running of the club.

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