Mike Passfield

As a self taught woodcarver, and at the age of 60 years , I started carving heads of owls, otters , dogs etc and mounting them on sticks that I have gathered in the forest, to make walking sticks.

When I started to take wood carving seriously, I became a member of The Waterside Carving Club, of which I am still a member.

I joined Oaklands Woodcarvers working with Alan Ode, who specialised in carving/whittling birds.

The club does various exhibitions at Country Shows which is an ideal time for me to meet people and sell my carvings. It can also lead to commissions for me and i have sold my carvings in and around the UK with the furthest going as far as New Zealand.

Another of my interests is in Banjos, I even undertook the task of making my own Banjo, as this was quite successful I made myself a Banjalele ( Ukulele Banjo). I am current member of the Hythe Ukulele Group ( HUG)  I play on a regular basis.


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