Richard Tutton


After spending all my life in engineering I took up wood carving 17 years ago by attending evening classes at Thornden School Chandlers Ford. I then joined Oakland’s woodcarving Club in Southampton 1 year later and am still an active member and now helping with the running of the club.

My Carvings are mainly stylized, abstract and tactile. I think wood is not only beautiful to look at, it has a wonderful feel when finished to perfection. I spend many hours in my small workshop at my home in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire keeping out of my wife’s way.

I like using all types of wood to give different colours and grain patterns.  I try and source local British sustainable pieces but do occasionally find nice bits of exotic wood from abroad but always ensure again the wood comes from sustainable sources.

All the carvings are done by hand so no two pieces are the same.

When carving the birds and animals I like to look at the grain patterns of the wood, and the different colours between the heart and sap wood to give contrast and definition to the finished pieces.  This often gives the impression of feathers or fur which eliminates the need for carved detail so maximizes the textured soft feel of the wood making it much more tactile to touch.

One of the popular carvings I do is a little Jenny Wren , but my pieces in the past have included a Polar Bear, Black Bear, the Otter shown above, birds of prey and  many garden birds ( as they are my favorites )

Some fun pieces continue to be popular such as my noses, which are spectacle holders that need to be seen and always create a giggle.


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